Teen Witness Court Preparation Program

The Teen Witness Court Preparation Program is designed to provide direct assistance to the increasing number of teens being called upon to testify in court proceedings. The needs of the youth witnesses are primarily addressed in group settings. The Teen Witness Court Preparation Program is structured to ensure the non-contamination of evidence. There is no disclosure or discussion of the youth’s individual circumstances.

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  • CWCPP is intended to serve children and youth witnesses required to testify in court who:
    • are between the ages of 13-17 years
    • have been abused
    • have witnessed abuse or other criminal act
    • Participation is on a voluntary basis. Child participants must have the written consent of a parent or guardian.

Core Sessions 1 & 2

Exploration of fears & anxieties

Relaxation techniques

Court roles & protocols

Court process & outcomes

Memory strategies

Role plays using a fictional story

Courtroom tour

Mock trial using a fictional story

Referrals are received from the Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre, police, Crown prosecutors, child welfare workers, therapists, teachers, parents or guardians. However, referrals from other sources may also be considered. For further information, or to refer a child to the Child Witness Court Preparation Program, please call 403-289-8385.
Our facilitators are carefully chosen for their ability to work with kids who have experienced trauma. Many are, or have been, duly appointed child welfare workers for the province of Alberta. This ensures that workers are well trained in the importance of preserving a clean, uncontaminated investigation.